[nightly] Is there a Method to change trace width en-masse?

I have a design that I want to modify. This modification will require me to change nearly all the trace widths. When starting this design I didn’t realize the importance of using the net class widths and so all my traces were given a definitive width.

Is there a way to change all the traces to use the net class widths?
I tried selecting multiple traces and using the “E” key for prosperities, however only the originally selected trace changed, not all the selected traces.

Pcbnew / Edit / Edit Track & Via Properties…

There are quite some ways in which you can combine filters & actions.
To get familar with this, I recommend to first experiment & fool around on a copy of your project, and then repeat it on your real project when you are confident you understand how it works. (Or use some other bakcup strategy).

Thank you.

I think I can master this tool :slight_smile:
In the meantime I looked at the PCBNEW file with a text editor. I could see how I could search/replace to change the trace widths but couldn’t figure how to change the trace to “new class”

Did I miss something? I know I have some tracks set to net class so I was thinking I could see them and copy the values to the others. Didn’t seem to work out that way.

These day’s it’s not often needed anymore to hack into KiCad’s files with a text editor. Plenty of options in the menu I’ve shown.

Are you familar with the u and i shortcut keys?
These are used to add connected copper to a selection, and you can also use it to edit the track width of that selection ( hard value or set to netclass width).

Thanks again. I did not know about the U & I functions. I got the U but have to work on the I.


u stops at T-junctions. while i selects all connected copper, unless you’ve re-assigned those keys.

(In KiCad-nightly V5.99 this has changed to using u once or twice)

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