Nightly going very unstable when a track is dragged

I have noticed that moving a track on a board with a copper fill is causing a crash every few moves at the moment on Ubuntu 64 Nightly 7663
Only a simple two layer job.

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Nothing obvious, but I have just moved to 7664 and things seem much better.
Still getting lots of fuss about aliases in the atmel symbol library though.

Hmm, I thought that issue had been fixed in r7660 ?

@bobc something has gone wrong with the PPA sync.
Looking at the GitHub, atmel.lib and atmel.dcm are consistent

Looking at the latest Ubuntu PPA dated Feb 17, the dcm differs at line 195 and 201 for a start

$CMP AT90S4433-4AC <-- 8AC in GitHub
D TQFP32, 4k Flash, 128B SRAM, 256B EEPROM
K AVR 8bit Microcontroller ClassicAVR