Nightly builds break symbol libraries

current versions of nightly builds break symbol libraries. Apparently, the symbol editor picks symbols which it dislikes (no idea how it selects them) and breaks them by converting certain parameters from imperial units to metric. The result is broken libraries and drawing schematics with new symbols is therefore impossible.
I am leaving using nightly builds and reverting back to stable. I like reporting issues so that they get fixed, but this has grown to an unbearable level where I am only filing bug reports and cannot draw a board. I am looking next to new features in KiCAD 6, but until then, version 5.x will have to suffice :slight_smile:

There appears to be a hard to find bug This sort of thing smells of locale issues.

Funny thing is I think we had locale issues when the PCB formats went metric.

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I use an August build of 5.99. Software behavior when I go to save symbol libraries (upgrading the library from Legacy) has been a bit strange but not unworkable. I do not think I have lost anything. It is difficult for me to remember the details but I have not yet updated all of my libraries. If needed I could probably update one of my existing legacy libraries to report in detail what happens.

It could be some locale issue. All of the numbers were in fact converted to integers, not just scaled. And I am using decimal comma. More in the issue.

Yeah, I have seen something like that before but that is quite a while ago. What versions where you using? I mean before upgrade and after?

I have been using nightly for 2 years, but the las time I was using KiCAD was maybe 3 months ago just to file a bug and then I started having fun with a new camera, so my HW projects were halted. And I am quite sure the bug wasn’t there 3 moths ago.
This problem is probably a duplicate of

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