Nightly build: Please select a symbol library table file


Hello, am trying the nightly builds for Linux Mint with the js-reynaud/ppa-kicad ppa. With a new project and trying to open the schematic editor for the first time I get a box that pops up asking to select a symbol library table file. The recommended option is already checked but there is no way to proceed without selecting a library table file. What is the recommended practice here? I know some library management stuff is changing and trying to figure out the recommended course of action here. Thanks!


you need to download the kicad-symbols and kicad-footprints from

after that copy the “sym-lib-table” to /home/$USERNAME/.config/kicad
and the “fp-lib-table” to /home/$USERNAME/.config/kicad/

make sure the ${KICAD_SYMBOL_DIR} and ${KISYSMOD} environmental variables are set to the correct location to where ever you saved the files.


here is a script that might help, if your curious.

NOTE: this is NOT an official script.

more information here:


thanks su_pyrow, that was it. I copied the sym-lib-table and fp-lib-table from the downloaded libraries and placed them in the .config folder. Then I set the paths in eeschema and pcb new and all was well. THKS!


anytime :slight_smile:


Am about to test your script and am wondering about the custom libs and how to set them in the following lines:

head -n -1 $WORKING_TREES/LIBRARIES/kicad-footprints/fp-lib-table > /home/$USERNAME/.config/kicad/fp-lib-table; echo ' (lib (name MyCustomParts)(type KiCad)(uri "$(KISYSMINE)/MyCustomParts.pretty")(options "")(descr "My Custom Component Footprints")))' >> /home/$USERNAME/.config/kicad/fp-lib-table;

head -n -1 $WORKING_TREES/LIBRARIES/kicad-symbols/sym-lib-table > /home/$USERNAME/.config/kicad/sym-lib-table echo ' (lib (name MyCustomComponents)(type Legacy)(uri ${KISYSMINE}/MyCustomLibrary/MyCustomComponents.lib)(options "")(descr "My Custom Schematic Symbols")))' >> /home/$USERNAME/.config/kicad/sym-lib-table;

I assume I edit MyCustomParts and MyCustomComponents to the names of my libs. But I have quite a few custom components libs. How can I add these, because I can add just one?



I got an error at line 380, unexpected newline; echo "" >>
Now it seems that the script you have listed on your webpage is different from the one you can download here:

Which one is right?

Edit: the listed script has date 02-26-2018 and seems the latest.


In case any other Windows users are looking for where these library folders live, I think it’s


But it sure seems a lot more difficult to find essential information like this than it should. A couple of sentences in the “Please select a symbol library table file” dialog would have saved me an hour of googling.


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