Nightly bug? ${foo} expands to ${brace}foo}

Bug? This used to work and seems definitely broken. :wink:


You can ask here first if something is a bug and wait for feedback if you are unsure, but it’s not very useful to first report it to the issue database and then ask here.

I confirmed this in the database.

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Thanks! Wasn’t obvious to me that posting here didn’t help. Any idea when this might be fixed since I have a dependency on it?

I did add some comment on gitlab.

I confirm this happens, and as I also posted on gitlab, it only happens if I change it via the Symbol Properties dialog. As a workaround you can hover over the resistor then press v to enter the Edit Value Field dialog. or hover over the value field and press e to only edit just the value field.

The KiCad developers are quite active, and this seems a small and easy to fix thing. Such things often get fixed within a few days.

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I gave it an upvote as its only low priority


Low priority for a bug doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be important to fix. But for example in this case there is a workaround as paul found out. Basically any bug which doesn’t really prevent working with some feature is low priority.

It’s a subjective evaluation which shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

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I predict it will be fixed soon. :wink:


@JeffYoung you rock! :wink:


Jeff also fixed at about the same time, and now I’ve been looking for fresh updates every half an hour or so for several hours on end.

I guess the update for KiCad-nightly V5.99 will have trickled through when I wake up tomorrow morning.

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