Nightlies: Hierarchical Sheets Inside Subfolders

I had a project that used a hierarchical sheet from Modules folder and it worked fine in previous nightlies, but between sometime 2 months ago and now it broke.

I made a test project with subfolder called “SUB” and created a sheet called subsheet inside SUB, so the path is “SUB/subsheet.sch” and it displays and works in eeschema, UNTIL I close the project and reopen, then it says cannot find subsheet.

Using revision 7720.

just a heads up:

  • this is mostly a support forum (Only a handfull of developers frequent this forum.)
  • bugreports need to be posted on the bugtracker
(in case you want to post there, search for 15 minutes if no one else already posted a similar bug and if so, get registered and vote on that bug at top left with “this bug affects me too”)

Also read the “how to report a bug” page at the kicad homepage: