Nice Pics i want to share (Sketchy title?)

I just did a pre Order footprint check and i find the pictures i took oddly satisfying so i thought i’d share them with you.

Somehow i like the black&white contrast to the chips. Its also funny to see that my Laserprinter has reached its limits at least with the default settings.


While a 1:1 printout is a decent way to check for massive errors (completely wrong pitch) it can in no way replace a proper check of footprints using a workflow like Tutorial: How to check footprint correctness?

This is because the human eye (and apparently the printer) do not have the resolution (nor precission) required to really check if the fillet sizes are correct to give the best possible yield with the used process.

Of course every footprint i used has its own .stp and i crosschecked those as well. But when you have drawn both the .stp and the footprint yourself, there is a good chance you did the same thing twice…after all most of the times what gets me are a misconception about the viewing directing (Top / Bottom) in the datasheet or something like this. Wrong Pitch will also sum up and is easy to spot.
Above is just the last thing i do to make sure i haven’t messed up as good as i can. But you are right i also would count these to

Thanks for sharing !! …

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