NGSpice model for linear regulators: L7812 and L7805


I am a beginner with simulation, but I got my first simple Diode sim following Diode Example by Eric Bredder. I worked with 1N4007 and was able to download the NGSpice model file from ONSEMI website. 1N4007.REV0.LIB

Now I want to continue my work, but I am unable to get the model files for the linear regulators.

Any ideas about where to get those files?

Thanks a lot, and best regards,

You may have a look here: Spice models and model parameters for ngspice circuit simulator .

Typically you may use LTSPICE or PSPICE models without any problem. The ones offered here should also do:

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One has to acknowledge that searching the data files or the company web pages is somewhat tedious and overwhelming for beginners.

Thus I have added a small collection of models to the above mentioned web page. This collection is by far not complete, but offers examples for various device classes (BJT, MOS, JFet, OpAmp, diodes, and a few others).

For direct download as a 7z file:

Thanks very much, I am learning from your links and will come back after some practice.

Have a very nice day !

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