Next time you decide to write up a detailed response to a question

Consider doing it as a FAQ entry if you believe it would be appropriate. This is a work in progress so we, well me, aren’t quite decided on the best path. We can simply link to your response in a thread if that works. Consider starting a new thread and keep the first updated as needed. We can have the thread here in the FAQ section. The advantage is it can be edited like a WIKI page. The downside is YOU might not have the needed level to edit it. Like I said, we are still learning how that works on this site and there may be other options.


I think this is a good start to the FAQ category.

Tonight I just read another thread with a whole lot of miss-understanding about the Power Ports. I did state to have some plans to try to fix this, but then I’ve been extremely busy. Oh, and that little bit of a bout with a terrible miserable cold/flu issue and I have not been clear headed enough to be active on the forum for the past bit.