News reader settings


Hi there,

I want to set up my offline news reader to this forum, but U cannot find the settings.

Can anyone help?



Maybe. Can you provide any details?


I am using virtual access mail reader.
looking for nomething like and a port. Hope you do not have to use ssl!



I don’t think this forum supports the sort of access you want. Are Usenet newsreaders still around?


yes, I think so. Can anyone confirm exactly what I need?

Thank you



I think you can opt to receive all updates to this site as emails ('Mailing List Mode") AND then you could send those emails to an ‘email to RSS service’ like Newsblur. Have not actually tried this though - YMMV :slight_smile:



There is an RSS already is that any use?

I believe that for NNTP, the forum software (Discourse) requires a third party NNTP plugin to act as a bridge.


That may be close, but I don’t think that is what I need.
I need to make a POP3 connectiom I think, or at least connect to a URL with a port, and then the messages are received.




Let’s summon the one who would know about it.


I’d say the closest you’re going to get is the RSS solution that @bobc recommended. It’s not set up for what you’re asking about.