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Hello everybody.

A stupid question.

Kicad version 5 is coming soon. Would not it be interesting to renew the demonstration projects, for the
new official version.

For example a power supply with lm317-lm337, old but still useful, a guitar amp?

I’m sure there are some very competent engineers on this forum.

What do you think ?

Jean Pierre


A bga demo would be nice



I’m upgrading a flight controller made with KiCad 4 to KiCad 5 on Gnu/Linux.

Use MAPBGA 9x9mm ARM Cortex M4, modern mcu from NXP.

Is Open Source Software (developing) but I would like it to be Open Source Hardware.

If there were people interested in improving the flight controller and other devices for drones and robotics I could release the code and it could serve as a demo. Like 5.8Ghz video transmitters that are ideal for drones and robotics in general, also made with KiCad.

Best regards

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The project below is a combined LM317 / LM337 board with an “auxillary” MP1584 SMPS I designed about a year ago, but have not manufactured / tested yet.
I tried to make it a bit universal (For example: Different sizes Cap’s fit)
Output is to a 40p flatcable (old IDE cable from HDD) and can be separated to power multiple sub PCB’s.
A more standard connector is probably advisable as an “example project”.
This might be a nice start for an example project, but I do not have KiCad 5 (yet).
Detail: The MP1584 sub circuit is on a separate hierarchical schematic.


Hi paulvdh,
First of all I walk through your site. You are and impressive guy you know. Grate material you have got there.

So I already downloaded your LM317 / LM337 … MP1584 project yesterday
It has exactly what I need it. The schematic for the MP1584 acording to datasheet (I think resistor values are for 5V)
So all I did I kept only the MP1584 hierarchical sheet and put it inside my project.
Your project has no ERC errors (I just only made AC1 and AC2 unconnected and it is fine) .
Mine (a very simple project with ESP32 MPU) have two ERC errors and everything I am doing results in errors.
I have all day with this problem. It has something to do with power lines.
In another project it is working OK but not here.
Can you please see where the problem is and I have two ERC errors.
I will greatly appreciated. So to move on because I just stack all day with this silly error.
I know it is in frond of my eyes but…
Kicad is nighly build two days ago
Thanks in advance (1.4 MB)

Thank you for share the MP1584 circuit, I was looking fo it time ago, now I’m using TS30012 and TS30013

It’s the same footprint.

First: You should not have posted / hijacked this thread.

You should read up on the use of the PWR_FLAG symbol:

I had a peek at your schematic, and it seems that there is no input connector for the 12V-24V.
So I added a connector, and added the proper power flags to indicate where the power comes from:

After that the 2 ERC errors were gone, but another popped up from pin 38 of ESP32-DEVKITC.
Hover above the ESP32 and press [CTRL + E], then edit pin 38 in the library editor and set it’s properties to power input instead of bidirectional.
Then I can run ERC without any errors.
You should also set the other power pins of your ESP32 to power input.

You should of course never trust a stranger. Read datasheet, re-calculate values and convince yourself.
The MP1584 circuit was meant for a uC, so 5V does seem logical.
Note: I have not made the PCB yet, so it is un tested.

Are you using V5?
Would you care to check the schematic / pcb and clean it up a bit so it could be added to the examples for V5?
For myself I’m perfectly happy with the IDC connector, but for more general use it seems a good idea to put a connector with 5.08mm spacing on top of it, so the user has a choice.
Efficiency of TS30012 seems a bit higher than of the MP1584, and it does not need the “compensation circuit”. But it is not in the same footprint. MP1584 is SOIC and TS30012 is QFN.
I’m a bit afraid of hand soldering QFN. With a SOIC I can at least see if it is soldered properly.

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Thanks @paulvdh on all your kind comments for correcting the circuit.
Hijacked was a mistake by misunderstanding that your post was in another thread. I was in a hurry.
I will be more careful next time
I need to do more homework
Sorry again
take care

Yes, V5.

I’m upgrading the flight controller to V5, but I can to made a module with the TS30001x

In the weekend I made this current/voltage meter that is very used which is very used in drones but also serves for any robotics project where you need to measure voltage/amperage.

But I need to divide the triangle pad in two, on the positive side. I do not know how to do it.

And I have not gotten the 3D model of the Panasonic shunt resistor either. ERJ-MS6SFM50U

Regards<a class=“attachment” href="//

They have the coin size of 1€ , 23,25mm of diameter.

HEXA_SENSE_90A_2 (41.3 KB)
HEXA_SENSE_90A_1 (39.9 KB)

Good morning,

This is the repository >>>


Note0: I made it with KiCad V5 from scratch on Gnu/Linux

Note1: It is possible to use other scales, 40A, 150A, 180A, just change the values of the resistors RS1 and RL1

You can always tell those of us who are used to ordering from OSHPark. We’ve gone to the effort of changing the 3D rendering colors to purple mask and ENIG pads…


Github Repository

If you want a new project : analogic lock-in amplifierdetec_synchro_ad630.pdf (78.9 KB) (244.1 KB)

Which git repository should be used for submissions for demo projects? Is there one?

FWIW, here is a small demo project showing inclusion of a bitmap and using a downloaded 3D model in the project directory because one doesn’t exist in the supplied 3D libraries. All other library objects are from the latest git pull as of last evening (US Eastern time).

Schematic: Schematic.pdf (90.6 KB)
Board Render:

Project folder: (1.9 MB)

The project name states “SingleSheet” because I plan on a version of this project with multiple 7555 circuits to demonstrate Hierarchical sheets.

BTW, thank you to the librarians for including US variants of resistors and similar devices. I just can’t get used to a nondescript rectangle being a resistor, no matter how much bigclivedotcom I watch. :wink:


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