Newbie: video training specific to KiCad V6?


I am a newbie and have never used an EDA/PCB package before.
I am interested in learning KiCad, but noticed from searching and reading
that the suggested workflow for V6 is different than for V5.
I tried looking at the KiCad Learning Resources page for videos, and it looks like
that training is V5 oriented. I also tried searching on YouTube, but the V6 info
there looks mostly like specific or narrow functions, or comparisons to V5,
but I could not find an introduction to KiCad V6 work flow, or an overview
tutorial to getting started specifically for V6.

Does anyone have suggestions?



If you have a good help in German version 5 and 6, I can recommend this one to you.

Nothing unusual. The V5 has been available for over 3 years, and the V6 has been available for less than a month.

I didn’t used V6 yet but I don’t expect V6 work flow being far away from V5. Understanding V5 will certainly be helpful while using V6.

Die Version 6 gibt es ja noch nicht so lange, aber er hat auch schon angefangen welche für Version 6 zu machen. Bitte erst mal schauen.

I haven’t seen much in the way of free videos recorded with V6 yet.

This course is V6 but is a paid thing: KiCad Like a Pro 3rd edition - Tech Explorations

Just noticed this one too (haven’t watched it)

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