Newbie: adding library with DIP sockets

Having searched the forum (and other places on the www) I am still confused. I want to add a DIP-24 socket to my schematic but cannot find it in the default libraries. Which library do I need to add, where do I find it (somewhere at github, I assume?) and how do I install it?
Running eeSchema 5.1.5 on Ubuntu LTS 20.4
My first posting here, please be gentle with a newbie!
Thanks in advance,

I hereby certify that I am not simply asking someone else to design a footprint for me.

This is an auto-generated message that is in place on the “footprints” section of the forum. If I remove it and ask for a footprint to be designed anyway, I understand that I will be subject to forum members telling me to go design my own footprint or referring me to a 3rd party footprint site.

First get upgraded to 6.0.9 or at least 6.0.8
5.1.5 is ancient history

24 pin socket footprints are in Package_DIP:DIP-24 with three width options and both THT and SMD sockets
For the schematic, you would normally use the specific IC type and assign the right footprint

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I know that normal practice is to name a specific chip rather than a generic socket - there is a story, which I think not really relevant.
I will look at upgrading, it might take some time though.
Pending that, may I be excused to repeat parts b) and c) : where do I get the package, and how do I install it? I reckon the one be be answered with “browse through github and you’ll find it” and I can live with that - is there a tutorial somewhere for the installation bit?
I’ll keep you posted.

You can use the connector conn_02x12 counter clockwise and assign the socket footprint to this

For Windows libraries are included in KiCad installation package. I have read that for Linux you separately install software and libraries but know nothing more.

IF there is a chip going in it I put the socket off page and connect it with labels. That way both are in the BOM and 3D View. Not that you asked. :wink:

Thanks, @hermit, the content sounds interesting and the tone is charming to my ears :slight_smile: Unfortunately your idea is not very clear to this beginner, could you please elaborate or even post an example?

Sadly the example was for someone else and went into a dropbox account which I currently have disabled for security reasons. I’m kinda busy right now so I’ll try and elaborate later.

Hello @Paulinha_B

Just repeating @davidsrsb instructions, but with a picture. Your DIP-24 should already be installed in the Kicad footprint libraries if the program was loaded correctly.

When you upgrade to 6.0.9, you will be prompted to install libraries (comment will say “recommended”).
If you do not select the “recommended”, you will have no Kicad libraries.

In the footprint library… Red arrow
In the Package_DIP… Blue arrow.
The whole choice… In the green box.

Note, This is 6.0.9 not 5.1.5.
5.1.5 was a long time ago, my brain doesn’t remember what the 5.1.5 PCB editor looked like anymore.

Just beware that there are three widths of DIP-24, getting this wrong was a favourite PCB mistake 30+ years ago

Are you sure?
I suppose that Paulinha from unknown for me reason has KiCad installed without libraries, or the libraries are installed but not listed in library lists. As it is not Windows I can’t say anything more.
At the PC I am writing now I have still KiCad 5.1.12 (I don’t use it - simply it is Win 7 PC so not for V6). DIP footprints are in the same library as in V6.

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:+1: :+1: :+1: I assumed too much, thanks for the comment.

I’ll edit my above post.

Thanks again. i have first of all done a fresh install on a different PC, henceforth all my postings will pertain to the schematic editor of KiCad 6.0.9
I feel very stupid but am mightily confused with the replies about Package_DIP:DIP-24 : that is a footprint, isn’t it? Surely footprints are used in the pcb editor, whereas in the schematic editor one uses symbols?
@jmk: in my freshly installed schematic editor, I have no option for browsing the footprint libraries. erhaps you have customised your toolbar/menu? I can find the Package_DIP:DIP-24 when opening the footprint editor, so far so good. Still I find no way to draw such a socket in my schematic.

You’re right.

Until you master personal libraries, probably easiest to find a 24 pin IC and rename it to socket.
What did you intend placing in the socket?
I’m looking for a suitable symbol.

Not really relevant, but I’ll reply for the sake of politeness: this a schematic for a 1980’s style cpu board with 24-pin memory chips, either RAM or (E)PROM. There must be at least one RAM and one ROM, but others can be jumper-selected for several types of memory. So I want a generic socket in the schematic.

Go to library: Connector_Generic
Scroll down to: Conn_02x12_Counter_Clockwise.

Select that symbol then place it on your drawing.

I’ll keep writing whilst you do that.

Ok, thanks, problem solved. It must be said that David had already suggested the same, but I could make neither head nor tail of his [quote]and assign the socket footprint to this[/quote] so I did not pursue there.

And by the way, the need to create at least one personal library was already thawing on me, but I feel it will not be for tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Double click on the symbol and up will come a box titled “symbol properties”

Click on the Conn_02 etc. in the “Value” and change it to “Socket”.
Click in the empty footprint box under Conn…etc and click on the books.
This will open the footprint editor and navigate, as I showed earlier, to the footprint you require.
Double click the required footprint then you have a footprint associated with your symbol.

If you want a different footprint as well as the first, follow the same procedure but give the connector a different name. eg socket2.


There is a lot of informative reading here and in the FAQ at the top of this page in blue. Just click, it is a link.