Newbee with some questions


I just started tinkering with KiCAD and have some question. First, where do you brows for models of components that are not included in the standard library? In addition, if I have to make a model on my own, is there a good guide or tutorial I should follow?


  1. Github

  2. KiCad documentation

I personally remove all kicad libraries and use Walter Lain’s: I like them better and they have plenty of footprints for the most common through-hole / smd packages and even not so common stuff like HC-06 bluetooth modules.

For the tutorials see Chris Gammell videos. These are all you need:

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Thanks for the info. I have sorted out how to set up kicad now, in a way I like it. Footprints, well it turns out I do almost all by my self and store them in my own library.