Newbee ofline install help

Simple Question I need to do a totally offline install I have installed software seems to be ok can create a sch but installing the pads/footprints is a problem as all help is for installing on a machine that is online so it can be used off line.
Have windows 10 machine can only browse and download no apps can be installed.
Need to use this to download to a usb drive.
Dev machine is stand alone win 10 machine with no network access.
Used all defaults for Install

Also a github newbee just for KiCad

Please Help After 5 Years Eagle is just to frustrating I need to move to something with a better GUI.

For the footprint github directories, you can download them from github, store them on a folder on your USB, and point kicad at them as a library.

Atleast that is if you want the github stuff stored for offline use,

For running kicad standalone of a USB, i dont know if it can be done, but wouldnt hurt to install it to a folder on the usb

I wish I understood how to download from github which may be my problem.(as I said newbee to github also)
I am unable to install any apps and I believe is required to download the lib.
I have learned that I can download one file at a time into a text editor this is time consuming but can undertake the issue is which files are needed where do I put them and how do I stop KiCad from trying to access the internet

A little misunderstanding KiCad is already running don’t need it to run from USB just access the LIB from USB.

Sorry to clarify, Inside the pcb editor, there is a library manager that by default is pointing to github libraries, so an offline machine will never succesfully load them.

So to make it work offline requires going to the footprint library github pages, e.g.

And pressing download - download as zip file,

You then place the footprint libraries how you want, and add them to the library manager, and remove the github ones as you go,

There may be a cleaner way to accomplish it, but this is the one i am away of.

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You do not need to download all the libs manually.
Here a tutorial by @bobc how to use kicad itself to download the libs.

Or use this python script that uses git and clones all repos (It now also includes the feature to checkout a specific tag. It also allows you to tag a specific state in all repos at once for enabling you to check them out at this state later.) This script does not add the libs to kicad. You can use it to download all libs and add them to your fp-lib-table by hand. (Quite easy with the footprint library wizard)