New windows nightly download mirror for Windows nightly builds now points to a kicad controlled mirror that should offer far faster download speeds than the original cern hosted downloads across the globe. Previously the download speed was decent for europeans but would bottom out for US users.

macOS nightlies will probably move over at some point


This is unusable from Malaysia today, 3 hour download for the lite build

What is the name of the mirror?

Cloudflare R2 :wink:

I am still trying, up to 11 hour estimates now for the Lite

Do we have numbers on daily downloads? I think someone tried to set up torrents at one point.

One day I’ll start counting clicks, but I haven’t. Too many people have been using that old direct cern bucket viewer that I need to disable one day.

I have fetched some big files from other sites at high speeds, there is something choked with Nightly, other KiCad files are fast.

Fetched the Nightly very quickly this morning

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