New user - trying to find items in library - or?

OK … old guy here (61)! Never used KiCad before. The last time I designed a PCB was 15 years ago … at least I remembered I needed a Gerber file.

Anyway … I am following several tutorials on YouTube.

Got the program loaded … and started.

First component I picked is not in the library.

It is a Transformer (Tamura 3FD-310)

So, before I start following the tutorial on how to create an item, I thought I would check to see if there was anywhere else I should look to see if someone else has drawing this item.

I know in AutoCad, there are dozens of libraries I have downloaded either from other peoples projects or from vendors.

Thanks … Mike

Hi and welcome @xtal_01

You don’t comment on whether it is a symbol or footprint you are after.

For clarity in this forum it is best to use the terms used in Kicad. ie. Symbols and Wires for Schematics and Footprints and Tracks for PCBs,
It is also worth mentioning the Kicad version you are using as well as your OS.

You can find your version by opening Kicad then Help > About Kicad > Top RH corner “Copy Version” then paste directly into a forum post.

Note: 61 is not old. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Besides youtube, there is also a huge amount of documentation to be found about the use of Kicad in the Kicad Documentation you can find here: and also in the FAQ at the Top Right (in the black band) of this forum.

With regards to symbols, there are most of the commonly used symbols in the “Device” library.
For transformers, use the appropriate one if it is present and then re-name it to what you wish.

If it is a footprint you want, you may have to import or create a footprint.

If you need to create or import either footprints or symbols, you will need to create Personal Libraries in which to place those symbols and/or footprints as Kicad Libraries are READ ONLY.
Again, to create Personal Libraries, there are easy to follow (I hope) explanations in both the FAQ here and Kicad Docs here.

Thanks … I just installed KiCad, version 7

I am doing it “the long way” … I have been watching YouTube … created a new library … and started drawing the transformer (I could not find the exact one in the global library the program comes with).

I just thought there may be the data for more parts somewhere.


Symbol or Footprint?