New user to KICAD 5

I am a brand new user of KICAD 5 which runs on my Mac Pro with Catalina. I am trying to install KICAD and launched the program. I am receiving a question which asks how I want to configure the global symbol library table. The option of copying the default table is grayed out so I am left with “copying custom global symbol library table” or “create an empty global symbol table”. I do not know what to do because I want to use the default table, I do not have a custom table, and do not think I will be able to get standard symbols if I select creating an empty table. How can I use the standard symbol library?

This old thread seems to cover the same issue: macOS Catalina Installation

You might want to install v6 via MacPorts. You’ll be able to get better help if you are not so far behind: kicad | MacPorts


Isn’t it better to go with Kicad 7 instead? Why not the latest version?

K7 runs on only recent MacOS releases at the moment, have to wait for MacPorts to build for older releases.

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