New user: Symbol editing and the netlist Part II

I just started using KiCAD 6, love it!

I have used most other Schematic capture programs of 40 years of EE work: OrCAD, Eagle, Capture, and lastly Altium.

I read the thread Symbol editing and the netlist and wanted to make a comment. The way KiCAD works is proper. A Netlist is list of connections (wires) between parts. You don’t want a wire name to be the same as the symbol pin name (unless you chose to - sometimes I do, some times I don’t). You want to be able to name wires that make sense to the design, not the pin name chosen by the factory. If you change a symbol and move a pin, it is natural for the user to expect to move the wire in the schematic. Don’t change the current method, it works fine.

I am really impressed with KiCAD, I have known about it for many years but never tried it until now. Recently I had to learn it for a new job, I am very impressed. I will be using it for all my new designs going forward.


Welcome to the club …

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