New user if I can get to install

I have down loaded the windows version 64.
when double clicking on it, in down load, it asks for permission to install and then appears to do nothing.
What am I doing wrong.

Window 8
i7 laptop.

Any suggestions please.

Where did you download from? What is the last Install screen/message exactly. Can you paste a screenshot?

Hi Greg
Down loaded from stable rlease 4.0.7

I doubleclick on file in down load folder

This gives me the usual account control window Do you want to allow the followingprogram to make changes etc
Press yes clears the widow and no more.

file in download shows kicad-4.0.7-x86_64 application 721,978KB

I’ve not had any problems with installing any version of KiCad onto my Windoze7/64 computer. This is also a very uncommon problem for KiCad users with the Windoze Operating System.

I suggest that you re-download the file and try again. If that fails, then it would appear that there is a Win8 security feature not allowing KiCad access to where it wants to put things.

If this is the case, right click on the .exe file and select “Run as administrator”; ensuring that your login has admin rights.

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