New user- can't find radial thru hole capacitors

For some reason none of the radial capacitor footprints are showing up in the capacitor TH library. Any ideas?

What do you mean with don’t show up?

Do you mean if you open the lib with the footprint editor they are not in there?

  • (Where did you get your capacitor_tht lib?)

Do you mean when using cvpcb they are not in the list of suggested footprints for your capacitor symbol?

  • (check your filter settings)

Or is the lib completely missing?

  • (Add it to your installation using the footprint library editor)

Yes, when using cvpcb I see all capacitor types: axial, rect etc. But the radial footprints are not there. The source for the library is in the GitHub. The default for a fresh install of Kicad.
I am a new user so I don’t know my way around the program yet.

Thanks for the quick response.


Have a look at the top toolbar of cvpcb. There are 3 buttons controlling your filter settings.
The first button determines if the footprint filters of the symbol should be used.
The second button determines if you want to only see footprints with the same number of pads as the symbol has pins.
The third controls if you want to see only footprints of the currently selected library.

You probably want to select the number pins and library filter then select the capacitor_tht lib in the left column. (deselect the first filter)

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That worked!
Thank you very much for your help