New to KiCad, Does it matter which mirror to use: CERN, github or futureware?

Hi, I am new to KiCad and wanted to know if the mirror I choose to download matters or not. I had download CERN and was trying to do a simple circuit I watched in youtoube but when I was about to assign footprints I did not find the ones in the video like for example Pin_heads. All my pluging types were called KiCad. Did I have to add new plugintypes? If it is so How do I do it?

Try one at random. If the download speed seems low try another one.

Kicad just had a major version change and many of the youtube videos are not current. Check the FAQ for questions. I only have one plugin myself. You need to check the path variable for the system you are on and put them in the right place. I think you have to restart Kicad to make the program recognize the new plugins.

the libraries (in v5) are called Connector_Pinheader_xxx (where xxx is replaced by the pin pitch)

This might also help: How can i assign a footprint to a symbol?

And if you still have problems with download speed you can try my unofficial mirror using SourceForge.

If you use a bit torrent client, @qu1ck set up the Windows and MAC release torrent files. See this posting:

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