New schematic component - not connectable

I created a new scehmatic component which is a crystal with four contacts, as you notice on the image, when I place the component in scehmatic, I am unable to connect the pins to other components, I tried checking common to all units and body styles but there is no difference, still unable to connect. Is there any documentation about the sharing option


I created a simple single rectangle component, even that is having this issue.

However when I use Kipart script - I am getting a component whose pins are connect able to other components.

Eeschema is strictly Imperial for now, I wonder if your box and pins are off grid

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You are correct, this is something to do with imperial measurements but I am not sure how to fix it.

I took a standard library object like Crystal small - this is connecting without any issues.

I now used the same crystal library and renamed it to something else and stored in another library. This one is not connecting. The pins are appearing in between the grid markers in my schematic.

I tried setting the Grid to 0.6350/25mils in both the component editor as well in my schematic(25mil appear to be the default value) but no luck.

Can you suggest how to make it align with the grid.

I played with the grid setting and did DRC check on the component, now its all good.

DRC on symbols tests for on-grid as eeschema is fussy

I just had the same issue yesterday. Had it on MM while making an IC; would not connect. Then, I edited it in MIL (changing nothing) and it worked great. I figure it has to do with rounding from MM to MIL when you go to save.

Would be good to just disable the MM option for Eeschema & symbol editor (or always immediately show what MM will round to as you type). // I would love to go metric for everything- everywhere (and I’m in the US)

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It does seem odd when A series paper sizes are defined in metric units. You can see why pcb software started out Imperial with 0.1" pitch DIL packages, but schematic should be either

Hm… I know Ax series paper sizes only in metric - A4: 210x297.
I thought US letter sizes was the imperial equivalent to that?

Correct, which is why schematic should be able to use either

Metric Vs Imperial - its never going to die in near future considering the fact that for a several millennium Romans had some number system which was dumb.

The Ax series is based on a geometrical ratio - eg A3 is twice A4. US letter sizes are arbitrary and different to A series.

I just use A4 or A3 paper size and imperial grid. My brain can handle up to two things at once :slight_smile:

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Getting the grids right is important.

To any CAD engine, it is all just numbers, but the devil is in the grid details.
If you make something on a 2.54mm grid, and then try to connect using a 2,50mm one, the coincident-end tests the software uses, will not match.

If you want to mix libraries, best to follow what standard those libraries use, which means using something else ideally needs a bold “Are you really sure” warning & confirm message.

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