New/programmable hotkeys


When I’m routing a board, I move from layer to layer a lot, to see where I have space for routing on a layer (in high contrast mode), and to specify which layer a route should continue on after placing a via or routing from a pin. To make this easier, I’ve changed the hotkeys that switch to a specific layer more intuitive to me. Specifically, I’ve set T for top, B for bottom, 1 to switch to inner layer 1, 2 for inner layer 2, etc. This works well for me, except Pcbnew only has hotkeys for switching up to inner layer 6 while I have 8 inner layers. So my question is, is there any way for me to create a hotkey for switching to inner layer 7, or any arbitrary layer?

I know that there is a layer manager window on the right, but I find that to be awkward when in the middle of a route. Plus, switching layers seems like a more basic function needing a hotkey than say, tuning a differential pair.


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