New problem with the Gerbers

Kicad started to give me problems even in the Gerber generation! To send to a producer who requires the “Include extended X2 attributes” option in practice I no longer generate the margins of the pcb (Edge.Cuts) I tried in all ways, if I open the .GBR file I see just the squaring … and it only does it for a PCB (others are all ok). Not only that, when I launch the “track” it seems to do everything but then it throws me out and closes the program! I also restarted the PC but nothing changes, only this PCB gives me this problem, instead of the margins I see the squaring only.

As usual, specify the version you’re using: Help / About KiCad / Copy Version Info button (and paste it in your post).

Also, if it is specific to a layout, can you share it ?

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The version of Kicad is 5.0.0. It seems that the problem is generated by the folder in which I saved the GERBER files: it was enough for me to regenerate the files but in another folder (higher level) and everything magically works, now I also have the EDGE.CUTS !!! The problem folder was called GERBER (but I use this name for all the sub-folders of my PCBs, and they are many).

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