New Plugin: Laser Stencil Generator

Please find a 1st version of my Laser Solder Paste Stencil Generator Plugin on GitHub.

It will create G-Code directly from your PCB, which can be sent to a laser cutter directly (I use KiCad 5.1.7 + GrblController + cheap Neje Engraver + Mylar A4 slides).

One output file is just moving the Laser on standby around the edges to align the material. Second file contains a marker cut for edges and a several passes cut for the pads. Both files are generated for front and back sides. Intensity for edge and pads and passes for pads can be configured in the dialog.

Feedback is welcome!
(also: I can only test it on Ubuntu Linux, because I have no Windows or Mac).


… and v1.1 handles rotated footprints correctly now – (any angle) :wink:

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I have a little problem with your plugin. See picture.stencil_generator

Oh – let me check …

should be fixed now :smiley:


Hello. Thank you very much. Work perfectly now.

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Hi, I’ve uploaded a new version (v1.3) of the plugin on GitHub:

  • improved order of elements
  • support “rect” and “roundrect” pads
  • cut even pads and then odd pads to prevent overheat at short distances between pads
    Greetings, Markus
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