New online IDF to 3D CAD tool

Hi all.

I thought I’d let the forum know about a free tool that myself and some colleagues are developing that’ll hopefully be of use to the KiCad community. It’s, an online ECAD to MCAD converter which imports the IDF, Eagle and IPC2581 ECAD formats and exports to STEP currently, with STL and IGES coming soon.

The site can use the basic footprint shapes from the IDF files to represent components, but we’ve got the beginnings of a detailed 3D Component Package Library that will allow you to insert detailed models instead if required.

There are also some filtering tools that’ll allow you to remove all the components below a certain height for example, along with the ability to send 3D models straight to other sites like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Onshape.

What we don’t have yet is much in the way of online documentation I’m afraid, but that’ll be coming soon along with a more features and more 3D models. If anybody wants to give it a go I’ll try my best to answer any questions here, and we’d certainly value your early feedback.

Many thanks,