New library with internal connections

Hi there,

having not used KiCad for a while I am confronted with a new challenge:
I want to use a device (WAGO 233-506) which is a 6-way terminal block (2.54mm).
As I couldn’t find it somewhere in a library - which by the way is still a disaster for somebody who does not use KiCad on a daily, even weekly basis - and thus I want to create a new lib for that device.

But: is there a way to tell KiCad that this device comes with 12 pins and these pins are internally connected pairwise. So the “upper” pins are internally wired with the “lower” row of pins, e.g. 1 is connected to 12, 2 is connected to 11 etc.

Any suggestions on that or a link to the WAGO device are welcome and I would be very grateful.

In this case, just duplicate the pin numbers, i.e. there will be two pads both numbered “1”, two pads numbered “2” and so on.

You could also try downloading the part data from I have found some of their data a bit buggy, but it is worth 5 minutes, and at least gives you a template to improve on.

Thank you bobc,

that helps a lot. Never thought of that solution as I meant that every pin# should be unique.
Visited the snapeda website and indeed their solution is a bit buggy, so I will produce my own solution.

I was talking about a lib disaster in KiCad as it is for me so illogical to deal with when creating something new and how to implement new libraries or footprints. Hopefully one day somebody comes up with an easy solution.

Plus: how to and where to find devices as so many are not on github and I bet there are so many solutions made by users, but no easy way, even no proposed way to share those.

I would be more than ready to share some of my libraries/footprints (still only a few) if I knew if there was an easy way to do so. As said in my previous post, I don’t use KiCad very often and I forget the handling after a few weeks not dealing with it and it takes me days to get back to a level I am satisfied with = being in the position to create my solutions.

Compared to the professional users I still feel like a newbie every time when I come back after some “KiCad-less” weeks. For me that’s an indication that there is still a long way to go until the whole process is really intuitive and user-friendly, although I am determined to stay with KiCad having tried 3-4 different alternatives incl. EAGLE.

Hey guys, Natasha from SnapEDA here. Thanks for sharing the site and feedback.

Would love to get your feedback so we can make the site better: what did you find buggy? Any feedback would be much appreciated either here, or directly to me ( Thanks again!

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