New kicad built in simulator model creation

Anyone knows how or where to find out how, to create op-amp model for simulation ? Let’s start testing this.

A complete opamp Data Sheet will list hundreds of parameters and show dozens of graphs. The first question, of course, is “What features and behavior of an opamp do you want to model?”, and “Under what conditions?”.

The seminal paper, by Boyle and Cohn, was published about 1974 in the IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits. Despite IEEE copyrights, a search engine should find several web sites with copies.

That initial effort has several shortcomings, especially in the areas of power pin behavior. Engineers at both Burr-Brown and Analog Devices addressed some of these matters and presented improvements in published Application Notes from their respective companies. (The authors may have included Mark Alexander and Bonnie Baker, but my memory is uncertain.) Search the company web sites.

MicroSim, the originator of PSpice, may have also published an application Note with an improved Boyle model. I vaguely recall that a few of the “Demo” or “Student” versions of PSpice, circa 1995, included a program that generated opamp macromodels from Data Sheet parameters.


Sorry, but my question was too vague. What I’m interested in is using a mfg .cir or .mod to create a simulatable kicad symbol.

The easiest way to a specific model is to obtain .lib file from the manufacturer and assign it to an op amp symbol.
To do so, open the properties windows of the op amp (right click, Edit Component->Edit), click on “Edit Spice model” button and in the tab “Integrated circuit” you may assign the model. You need to verify if the pins in the model file match the eeschema symbol pins, and if not - adjust them using “Alternate node sequence” textfield.

You may see an example in demos/simulation/laser_driver.

Thanks orsonmmz -this is the concise direct answer I was looking for!