New Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I cannot find the answer by searching. I want to create a shortcut for a command that does not already have a shortcut key, specifically to remove the filled area corner under the cursor. I use insert a lot to add corners, but when transferring filled zones to other layers I often want to delete many corners. I can see how to change existing shortcut keys, but not how to add a new one. Does this functionality exist? Many thanks.

P.S. I tried KiCad many years ago, but it wasn’t for me. It seems to have come on a long way since then and is my new preferred layout software. Congratulations and thanks to the developers for all the work put in to keep it getting better.

The list you see in the Preferences -> Hotkeys has all the available actions, it has those which have a shortcut and those which don’t. In the future the version 6 will be much better in this regards, there will be much more actions for which you can assign a shortcut. Including “Remove corner”.


Many thanks. I look forward to that being added.

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