New footprints library problem

Hi everybody.
i tried to create a new footprint but when it came to save it i couldn’t make it because it does not allow to save it into the existing lib. I created a new one but i could not connect it with the footprint library manager.
plz anyone solving this issue?

After creating a new lib (with the create new lib and save footprint button) you need to add it to the fp-lib-table.
Yes there should be a message similar to when you save a symbol to a new lib.

To do this use the footprint library wizard. (footprint editor->prefereces->footpint library wizard)
At the first page select local lib an press next. Then tell kicad where you created your lib and finish the dialog. (On the last page you are asked if you want to add this lib to this project only or to your global configuration.)

Well done, i did it, one more question. How do i delete it without making any trouble to the software from the global configuration?