New Exporting Tool! Looking for Tester!(Closed)


I am currently working on an exporting tool add on for KiCad and I am currently looking for 1 or 2 people to help me with testing! Are there any users with some spare time on their hands willing to help out? Please don’t hesitate to reply, that way I can give you more details and information about the project!!

Can you give us some more information here? At least what kind of export format and/or what are we exporting to?

Not a problem…

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Ultra Librarian, from Accelerated Designs inc., but I’m basically building an export from UL to import into KiCad. Ultra Librarian already does exports and imports for many of the popular tools used for board designs and such today.

KiCad is one of the tools we are currently in the process of exporting to, So ultimately you’ll be able to come from tools such as altium, eagle, orcad, pads, etc. into KiCad by using the UL software where you are also able to not only export to other tools but can also easily create patterns, symbols, etc.

Very cool! I have heard of Ultra Librarian but haven’t ever used it.

its pretty simple to use… I can definitely help you and walk you through using the tool. As I am not thoroughly familiar with KiCad, Im looking for someone proficient enough to tell me about any major bugs/glitches/ or improvements that can be made in order to make the export as user friendly as possible

Have plenty of time and UL install. What can I do to help?

Hey Rupert!

I’m getting everything compiled that way I can get you a license for the export. If you already have UL installed then you should have already registered and should be in our database. I should only need your login name to apply the license to your account. plz feel free to email me so that I can make this process the most efficient and as pain free as possible!!!

Is UL available for GNU/Linux?

Sounds interesting. If you need help. let me know. I love to give comments on how things might be improved :wink:
I don’t have UL yet though…

Hey guys!

Sorry for the late reply… Sorry but UL is currently only available for windows Alexander.

Will definitely be in contact with you as well Frits!

@ChrisGammell and everybody else.

I just found Ultra Librarian tool for effortlessly creating footprints for Kicad!

I can’t believe I did not find this before!!

It allows you to upload .bxl files that TI provides for most of its chips here:

And it also allows you to search its database of parts and then simply choose the part you need and then it downloads the footprint, symbol, and 3D size file if it’s available! All for FREE.

See the screen shots below for the work flow.

This tool just saved me so much time!!!

I hope this helps somebody else save tons of time!

Thanks so much for the positive feed back!!! Are there any features you find that can be improved upon? Especially with the kicad add on!!

Sweet! Glad that support for the Ultra Librarian is right here on the forum :slight_smile:

So far no complaints other than some of the parts I’m looking for are not in your database, but that’s to be expected.

I left KiCad awhile back when all the updates were breaking old projects, and I tried Upverter along with their footprint creation service. Upverters part creation service was nice, but it took weeks to get anything back most of the time and now it looks like their support and updates are nonexistant.

I’m back to using Kicad now and it feels like with your software I also have the part creation service also since I have been able to find the footprints for almost all the chips I’m using which is so nice to see.

I have not tried loading the footprints into Kicad yet so I can’t comment on if there are any problems there yet. I do not expect any problems.

I’m trying to find a footprint for this two channel SO-8 FET but was not able to come up with anything in your database.

Should have been able to find it but didn’t search correctly?

I wonder what release they added ki-Cad ?
The older 6.xx I have installed here, did not show KiCad, so it is a recent addition.


Here you go:

PowerPAK_SO-8_Dual.kicad_mod (2.2 KB)

SO8-PowerPAK-dual_wLABEL.wrl (501.3 KB)

@Joan_Sparky Thank you very much!

Where did you find that?

Self made… you didn’t follow us the last couple months, did you? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your inputs.
Installed Ultra Librarian today from TI CAD web page. Same version 8.1.24. But it is no more free.
Now, one cannot make export to almost any CAD tool, including KiCAD as well.

I checked out the part and yea we have a pretty hugh library but that’s
more of a costume part that we usually get special orders for. Although we
are constantly building parts and updating the database there are still
those that we sometimes “overlook” for convenience of time while making
large libraries. We do constantly add new parts to the database so
hopefully you find the bulk of what you’re looking for if not all of what
you’re looking for.

@D_Jones I have found 90% of the parts I am using in your database so far which is GREAT!

Now I have hit a temporary download limit, see below:

Does this mean I have to pay before I can download any more parts?