New Categories & a rule change

One thing we try to do around here is keep the categories in some semblance of order (with varying levels of success). Sure, the Google helps to find topics, as does the on-site search. We always recommend you use that, but it can be helpful for these search engines to have high level groupings of what might be similar. You know, we gotta help out the AI when we can so they’re nice to us…later.

Anyway, I found out today that there’s a way to turn off the “Uncategorized” category. This had been the default and allowed people to not choose a spot for their new posts. After going through about 250 uncategorized posts, I realized how many new categories could benefit the site. After all, “Layout” is a preeeetty broad topic. As of today, I’ve added a few sub-topics in the Layout category (3D models, Footprints, Gerbers), the Schematic category (Association, Symbols), Projects (External Plugins) and the Community category (Feature Request). Honestly, learning that there were subcategories a few weeks ago should have encouraged me to do this sooner, but we live and learn.

Please take a second to read some of the descriptions for each category, as you will now be forced to use it (new posts must have a category assigned by the user). If there are still categories that is a strong need for additional categories, please let me know in response to this post.

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Of course, all of this re-categorization moved a bunch of posts that were older to the top of the “new” queue. Please scroll further down the page to see some of the recent activity.

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