Never used user but needing to rebuild a discontinued preamp for bass guitsr

Hey everyone I have an onboard bass guitsr preamp I need to rebuild as my old one went bad

I’m wanting to rebuild it but don’t know where to start

I have the full schematic and parts list

Hello and welcome Jordan Sankar.
This forum is about designing the board on to which the components of the pre-amp are soldered… the printed circuit board.

If you wish to repair your existing pre-amp, this is really not the forum you require, however, if you wish to build a completely new pre-amp to replace the the old "bad’ one, this forum can help with the design of the board on which the all the new parts are soldered.

Yes! I’m looking to replace it by re design !

I guess I can’t upload the PDF yet

You should probably start from reading:

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I added a link to the first

On designing its copy you will spend more time then on repairing it, but you will learn KiCad. If you plan to design more PCBs in future than it makes sense, but if not…

Try now. :smiley:

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