Netnames different between schamtic and PCB

I’m working on a board and noticed that there are a couple of net names that are different on the PCB to the schematic. I have tried updating the PCB, even saving the netlist from the schematic and loading into the PCB. However, [at least] two of my nets are incorrect.

One is IGND which is using a global power port, the other is on an Allegro current sense chip. On the schematic pins 1-4 are Vbus and 5-8 are V-IGBT. Again, all using power ports that I created by modding ones in the existing library. On the PCB they all show up as Vbus. but they are connecting together correctly. ie pins1-5 are connecting to one net and 5-8 another. It’s just they’re named wrong. (Well, in the case, the same!)

I’m guessing, but not sure, I’ve done something wrong when creating these power ports. Can you not just take one, open it in the symbol editor, change its name and save it as a new power port?

Or is there a known bug where this kind of artefact crops up?


Is it possible that you connected your two nets somewhere? Try to follow it with the highlight tool in eeschema. Also possibly run ERC.

Maybe as a bit of a hint: In KiCad a net can only have one name. If you connect two different labels with a wire then one of these names will be chosen for the connectivity information that is passed to pcb_new.

I reckon there’s a bug with the global power ports or I’m misusing them/doing something wrong when creating custom global power ports. If I use a normal global signal (not a power one), then Vbus/V-IGBT are separate tracks.

I had run the ERC. TBH as discussed in a thread a couple of years ago I think the ERC is one of the very few poor things about kicad, it’s too “noisy” and therefore makes it possible to miss things, so I did re-run it but found no conflicts.

The highlighted track did show that Vbus and V-IGBT were connected together, but it was certainly not by two nets accidentally being connected.

Are you aware that the netname of power symbols comes from the pin not the value? See Tutorial: How to make a symbol (KiCad v5.1.x) (last section)

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No, I was not. So it’s me making a mistake when creating the custom port. Thanks for that, much appreciated.

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