Netlist, wrong signal names

There is a potential critical bug in KiCAD netlist or my mistake that I can not found. Pins 44 (ADA_DCO) and 39 (ADA_CLK_N). Why is ADA_CLK_N instead of ADA_DCO? Note that PIN 44 is correctly ADA_DCO.

I have successfully designed over 10 PCBs with KiCAD and this is the first time Im have had this problem.

My guess would be that you connected these two at some place. Check it using the highlight tool in eeschema. (simply go through all hierarchy levels. Should be easy to spot while the net is highlighted.)

Also make sure that you did not connect both of these signals to the same global label somewhere.

Its all correct as I can check manually ( how to turn on highlight tool in eeschema? I use 4.0.7 Kicad)
But the thing is,
if I changed label name ADA_DCO to any other or just change letter “O” to the number “0” its works well. Its not problem in O or 0, just need to change any one letter or number and it will works correct.

4.0.7 has no highlight tool in eeschema this is a new feature of v5. In this case you will find it harder to debug your schematic.

This to me confirms that you somehow connected the two labels at some place.
Have you created a global label with the same name? (label names for different nets need to be unique for the full schematic)

If you can share your schematic then it might be an option to attach it here. (zip your project folder and drag and drop it into the answer field)
This way we can look at it and help you find your problem. (Or determine that this really is a bug.)

Im use for checking names Find and Replace option 3

In my schematic I use only hierarchical labels and local labels.
Unfortunately I can not share the whole schematic.

One thing you can try is moving around all your sheets as it can be quite hard to spot wires that short two nearby hierarchical sheet pins.

I would also advice against using both local labels and hierarchical pins on the same wire. This can be another place for an error to occur.

Why are you using both net labels and Hierarchical labels on the same wire?
I’m not sure if those labels are supposed to be used in this way.
Using double & different types of labels seems to me more possibility of errors in the schematic and makes it harder to maintain.

With troubleshooting like this it can also be handy to open the schematic in a text editor, and search for the text strings there.

There is a priority to the labels. Local labels have the lowest and global ones the highest. (Hierarchical pins are in between)

Meaning in this case the net will be associated with the hierarchical pin.
But the local label will still connect as expected. (The priority determines which net name is generated for pcb_new)

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