Netlist Question

Manually built a netlist in Excel, loaded all 116 components into Eagle sch file (using the Eagle Component Library), Imported the result into KiCad Eeschema 5.1.8, added all 168 nodes based on my Excel netlist. The expectation was I could export the completed Netlist from KiCad and with minimal effort be able to compare the finished Schema Netlist to the one in Excel. I have exported all 4 netlist options and none of them look anything like my excel netlist … Each node I have in Excel has:

  • node # (understanding this # won’t match NiCads Node #)
  • Component name/id (may differ from the eagle component library name)
  • Pin ID (also may differ based on the eagle assigned pad names)
    All of these netfiles files are in plain text truly confused with this result


My thought: I am very curious what you do so extraordinary that you generate the netlist in a different way than just by simply drawing the schematic.

This was an exercise in reverse engineering an 80’s vintage controller board (single-sided) which included 76 jumpers (jumpers were removed from the netlist using excel’s cell functions ) … I switched to KiCad is I found it more intuitive/simpler/quicker to build schemas … ultimately I was hoping to have a quick way to prove I hadn’t missed or incorrectly made any connections by reviewing the generated netlist.

Found the issue … when I used the DUPLICATE option to generate more components (recently added the external components attached this this board) the component references (not visible) took on the values of their root component with the addition of a -# … this was why my spot check was turning up Nodes that didn’t make sense. ie CN1-1 was showing up in a CN2-2 list when there is NO physical connection between these connectors … CN1-1 was incorrectly (invisible) named … it should have been Dsp1 … now reviewing all the component references.

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