Netlist problem. Not a Bug


To stop this accidental shorting of nets (done it myself too at least twice), hierarchical pins should either only allow wires to join perpendicular to the pin or have a non-zero length external pin with the usual “x” on the end


Where can I sign up?

Also, if there was an ‘import ALL sheet pins at once’ I’d be a happy camper.
How do you guys do that? Still one by one? It get’s cumbersome fast I have to admit… I don’t like repetitive tasks. :rage:

To answer myself - one probably should start to use buses. :flushed:


you could use net ties for connecting two nets with different names. In Altium I would work like this.


I have raised the issue on Launchpad. Feel free to support this.


And now fixed in V5rcx
“Keep first segment of wire attached to sheet pin horizontal”