Netlist import outlook change wish

"When I change something on the schematic, and import changed netlist to pcbnew, I check “dry run”, click a “read netlist”, then read the message window. The are a lot of “Checking…” and some “Changing” lines…but hard to notice them…so please

  • simply add some indent text like “…Checking” instead of “Checking”
  • use different (red?) color for “Changing”…“Deleteing” etc important lines
  • make a checkbox for opting “nothing happens” lines out.

To make sure your complaint gets heard by the devs, please file it there:

Okay, I have placed a report there, altought this is not a bug. I have some more dozens of such proposals/wishes:)

The “bug report” is the correct place to put feature requests as well. Put all your wishlist items in, one item per bug report and hopefully it will get implemented and make the product even better.