NetList and power flags conffusion un Pcbnew

Long story short, I finished my schematic and proceded to start the layout when i noticed this:
Look at the voltage regulators in the schematic and then in the pcb, the -12v pad in the lm7912 regulator shows as part of the +12v net, as well as the rest of pads that should appear conected to -12v. I’m inclined to think that the conection showed at the bottom of the picture is confussing the netlist creation:

Any sugestions? Thanks in advance.

Yes, it appears that you are shorting together the +12v and -12v nets in that bottom section. Since they are shorted, the netlist is just using 1 name to reference it (+12v in this case). What are you trying to achieve with shorting them together?


Obviously you can’t connect +12V to -12V like that. Purely in the interests of safety, I am thinking you may want to get an expert to review the whole design.

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