Netlabel placement

Does anyone know how to symmetrically place a netlabel to a pin. In other words, the orientation of the label i would like to be centrally under the pin. I tend to use the labels and not a lot of wires, i understand that you dont want it through the wire, but with pins it can be confusing and it also inefficient use of space. Im sure theres a setting somewhere. Thanks in advance!

Global net labels are symmetrical.

Yes, but i work a lot with hierachical sheets, i do not like global, plus they are very big, hierachical type would be nice, but i need to distinguish between netlabels and them obviously

how to symmetrically place a netlabel to a pin

not possible with current kicad version.
You could upvote Eeschema: selectable anchor position for labels' text (lp:#1577324) (#2022) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab (upvoting == thumbs-up icon below opening topic, not commenting with a long text).

i do not like global, plus they are very big

you could reduce the label-size with “Global Labe Properties”-dialog–>formatting–>Text size.

last remark: always mention the used kicad version 5.xx/6.xx/7.xx in your question. Many topics have different answers depending on the used kicad verson.

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addition: there is a project-wide setting in Schematic setup–>general–>Formatting->Text–>Label Offset ratio.
If this value is changed then vertical position of local labels can be adapted (for the whole project). But beware, this also influences the hierarchical labels (see below).

But question:
How is this supposed to work?
Currently it affects local labels and hierarchical labels.
But local labels get a vertical offset.
And hierarchical labels get a horizontal offset.
Is this intended or a bug?

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