Netbeans and changes

I used netbeans to route my board and have found I cannot add 2 lines that the were missed from the schematic and do not seem to be on the netlist. Any suggestions on how I can go in and modify the board or how i can add them to the netlist? All the checks on the schematic before creating the netlist were good.

Care to add more info?

Netbeans as “Netbeans IDE?”

That could be quite a feat! I’m curious about the outcome :smile:

Sorry for my delay.I am new to KiCad so bear with me.
After more troubleshooting this is what i found. In order to get my schematic to pass ERC I watched a video that showed I had to add “Power Flags” to my Gnd’s and +5 vdc lines. After doing so it passed and I continued on with the CMP, Netlist and PCB. Regardless of what I tried during auto routing, two points never auto routed using Netbeans IDE and I could not manually add those points. The bar on the bottom of the screen showed 0 unconnected. Going through the netlist I found both the unconnected points were on it and after reviewing the schematic those two pins were the only +5 vdc that had power flags attached. After deleting the Power Flags and re running the netlist it showed 2 points unconnected and allowed me to manually connect those points. So now it is fixed. Obviously it was the power flags that caused the problem.
Thanks to all.