Net names for differential pair router

Hello, i need to use differential pair routing for USB signals, but net names in pcbnew does not correspond to pin names of the IC from schematic (some of them acually do, but not all). For example: IC component in eeschema has DM0- and DP0+ pins, but corresponding nets after netlist export are named like Net-(P3-Pad2), Net-(P3-Pad3), etc… As i see i am not supposed to rename nets in pcbnew, or in eeschema (to add + - signs). How else can i make particular IC pins become differential pair? I use generic SSOP28 footprint for this particular IC, if that’s important.

Nets does not inherit their names from connected pins. You have to use local labels to mark particular connections as a part of diffiretial pair. For example:


As I understand the documentation you should use ending +/- signs to get nets to be interpreted as diffential nets.

It is how I name differentials in lack of a constraints editor where you specifically define your differential net pairs.

_P/_N and +/- could be used.