Net Name Not Updating on PCBnew?

I have a schematic that has a local ground and an isolated ground. I named then GND and GND_PWR (the isolated ground). Then I placed my components, put my traces down, etc.

I decided I needed a clearer name for my isolated ground so I renamed GND_PWR to GND_ISO on my schematic. I saved the schematic, generated a new netlist and saved over the old one, re-read my netlist in PCBnew, clicked “Rebuild Board Connectivity”, and closed the netlist box. I look at my PCB and it still has the old “GND_PWR” name. Why didn’t it update and what did I not do correctly? I read the directions and watched a video about this but must have missed something. Any suggestions appreciated!

Schematic with updated net name:

PCB after I re read the netlist with the same net name:

Did you create the GNDISO symbol your self?
Or did you only change the value of it?

Power symbols give net names via the name of the hidden power input pin. So make sure the pin of your symbol has the name you expect.

Details about power symbols in this part of the how to make a symbol tutorial: Tutorial: How to make a symbol (KiCad v5.1.x)

Power symbols have a higher priority than local labels. This means that your local label GND_ISO is ignored. (It is connected directly to a power symbol)


Aw crap. I faced this problem last week with a net that I renamed but didn’t change the hidden pin name. You suggested the same solution and that that solved my problem, I guess I didn’t check the ground pins but pretty sure you are right again on this. Will post back shortly if that isn’t the case. Thanks for your help and patience!

Thanks @Rene_Poschl that was it. Fixed my problem (again) lol. Thanks! :slight_smile:


You know in Germany they say: “Aller guten dinge sind Drei”, which translates into “all good things come in threes”.
So looking forward to next week :wink:

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