NET LIST PADS plugin fix?


Hello Folks,

PAD plug in net list looks like this (as an example)

R9 _Resistors_SMD:_R_0805

*C10 *Capacitors_Tantalum_SMD:CP_Tantalum_Case-U_EIA-6032-15_Reflow

U1 _Housings_SOIC:_SOIC-8_3.9x4.9mm_Pitch1.27mm

The italic text in front of and including the colon : needs to be removed from the net list. This is telling PADS to look in a specific Library ( Resistors_SMD:) which may not exist on acomputer when we share the file with user that is not using Ki-Cad .

Anyone out there knows how to change the plug in?

The Net (connection) section looks ok.

Thank you for your help in advance



On my install, that looks to be here

but you may find the generator simply reports the whole LibPath:PartName


Anyone out there know how to change the plug in script? I’m guessing that what it will take to change it


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