Net highlight

I’ve seen a few posts regarding highlighting nets, and notice that there are a few different methods over time.
When in PCB, how do I highlight a net please?
I’m using 7.0.9
Cheers, Camerart.

Back tick key ( ` )
The one above the Tab key. Far left of keyboard

Shift + ~ (same key as backtick ` ) to remove highlight or Esc.

Same for Schematic Editor.

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Hi J,
It works.
I’ve just built 2x PCBs where the MCLR isn’t working, and couldn’t find the problem, forgetting that there is a link in one of the tracks, and highlighting spotted it.
Thanks C.

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There are (at least) two different highliting methods in KiCad. One is the backtick key jmk already mentioned, the other is with the highlight button in the right toolbar. Just try it out and see which works best for you.


A sometimes easy way to find hotkeys is to open Hotkeys in Preferences and type a word or two beside the magnifying glass up the top over the words “Type filter text”.

In the case of the word “Highlight” there are 14 entries. Easier to look at 14 entries than scan through the nearly 600 hotkeys available. :grinning:

Hi P,
My version has a cross instead of what your pointer is aiming, and doesn’t appear to work.
The left hand side tic, works, although as I use the mouse in my left hand, it needs a juggle. That’s ok.

I also have KiCad V7.0.9.
I don’t know why there would be a difference.

Hi J,
I wanted a quick check, so searching or hotkeys, are not what I wanted to do. I rarely use hot keys, as I don’t remember them.
After 40 years of computing, I can now remember copy, cut and paste hotkeys. Pityful isn’t it

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My version has a cross instead of what your pointer is aiming

The picture shown by Paul is from the schematic editor. The pcb editor has no dedicated icon on the toolbar for “highlight”.

Apart from the hotkey mentioned first you have the following options to highlight a track/net:

  • select the track (LMB-click) → RMB-click to get context menu → Net inspection tools → Highlight net
  • use CTRL+LMB-click onto a track or pad. This works only if you have set Preferences–>PCB-Editor–>Editing options–>modifier actions–>CTRL-action: highlight net
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Hi M,
Done it thanks. Left handed mouse, right handed CTRL and highlight.
What a complicated world we live in, thanks.

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