Net Highlight in Schematic Editor

Is there a way in the schematic editor to highlight an entire net? I’m use to OrCAD capture and I use this quite often to verify I’ve not made any typos in net labels. If I highlight a net and it doesn’t highlight everywhere I expect I know I’ve messed a label up and the 2 nets are not connected as I thought they were.

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There is currently no way to do this.
This is related to a planned feature, see the development roadmap:
Don’t expect it before something like 1 year though.

I still cannot highlight a net in the schematic in vers 8.03.
It would be a nice feature in the schematic entry to highlight several nets with several colors.


When the topic is old and the version ancient, it’s better to start a new post as much will have changed.

Anyway I have no problem highlighting a net by putting the cursor on the net and typing the backtick key ` just like for the layout editor. It could be that your keyboard layout doesn’t have this key in a convenient location, in which case you can remap the hotkey binding for ` I don’t know of a way to have many colours unless you change the wire colours for different netclasses.