Net Editor tool or plugin

Finally past the “practice” phase in KiCad and moving to my first real project. One tool I had in PCAD that doesn’t seem to be present here is the Net Editor. The UI looks like this
This lets me see which nets are unnamed, misnamed, superfluous, etc. and I can easily inspect any net. Is there a tool like this that I am unaware of? I have found the “bulk symbol editor” to be useful, and a bulk net editor would be similar.

I am guessing you mean: Schematic Editor / Tools / Edit Symbol Fields with this. (But I don’t like guessing much.) There are too much menu’s and sub menus etc in KiCad to be guessing.

I am not aware of a “Net Editor” in KiCad. All nets have a name in KiCad. They at least have an auto generated name in the form: “Net(R42-Pad1)” and at the moment you attach a label to a net, it gets the name of the label.

I do not know what a “superfluous” net in KiCad would look like. I suspect that PCAD works differently in this regard. There is no separate netlist in KiCad. The netlis is only deduced from items (IC’s, labels, power symbols) on the schematic.

You can rename a net (if it has a named label) with Schematic Editor / Edit / Find and Replace. Because this is a text replace function, it does not only rename the Net (label), but it can also replace that name if it’s used in comment strings.

KiCad also has: PCB Editor / Inspect / Net Inspector. With the Net Inspector you have an overview of all net names, and you can highlight multiple nets on the PCB to see their routing, and you can also group a sub section of the nets.

Another way to view the nets is to first export the netlist with Schematic Editor / File / Export / Netlist … to a text file.

You can also define and use buses in KiCad, but that is a chapter on it’s own.

One more way to see a list of nets is in {Schematic,Board} Setup → Net Classes, although it doesn’t let you do much besides listing the nets and assigning them to net classes.