Net Classes

If I select an area to drawn for a power plane for a VCC or GND etc., there is a net classes list to select from.

If I go to BOARD SETUP (to set up the track and vias size etc.) and go to Net Classes I have no list to select what is “power” or “signal” of whatever net it is. Here you have to type each net class it is…

Is there any way of import the list from the one page to another so that the net classes is the same?

I hope it makes sense what I am trying to say… :slight_smile:

You are mixing up a net and a net class. A net is a group of connections, and only that. It is the links between the the schematic symbols and what is going to be the copper tracks on the PCB. The net is defined by drawing wires (labels, etc) in the schematic. A net class, is a group of rules, such as track width and clearance. PCB Editor / File / Board Setup / Design Rules / Net Classes is where you define the net classes. On your design this probably only has the Default net class. spend some time on how to use nets and net classes, and how to put nets in net classes. These are important concepts in PCB design.

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