Net class creation in KiCad 7

Kicad7 has some new way to create net class in schematic, it is great. but why team remove the old net class creation in PCB editor. To make matters worse, now you can assign the same net to multiple
net class. Although this won’t cause any problems, but this is a big problem for perfectionists.
My question is ---- can the team return to old way in the pcb editor?

Maybe read through this thread first? You might find the new ways more flexible. KiCad 7.0.1: netclasses in Schematic Editor - totally lost noob

BTW assigning a netclass with context menu (right button) works in both the schematic and layout. In general people should explore the context menu more, there are useful actions in there.

for some people, they just want to add unlabeled nets to a netclass in pcb editor, but now we must do it in schematic editor. we need more choice, but now team say ----you have to do it the way we define it, because we think it’s smarter

You can’t add unlabeled nets to a netclass and it’s not a good idea because ad-hoc net labels are not stable. Once they are labelled, you can add a class in both the schematic and layout using the context menu, as mentioned.

i just can not understand why team remove the traditional net class creating method in pcb editor. most layout software use this method in pcb editor. some people don’t like the new method, of course , some people will tell us this new method is very clever. so this is the end of the discussion. at last, time will prove everything.

This is done for the prevention of mistakes and for those people who know what they are doing… Want more choices? Pick up paper and pencil…

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